The Best Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

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Having a 9-5 makes the day go by faster than ever. I used to have time to find a nook and settle down with a good book, but those days are gone. Sure, I can read on the weekends, but leaving a story unread for five days then picking it back up just lessens the reading experience.

When I started to blog, I wanted to do as much research as I could on business building and succeeding in my side hustle. From this desire, I stumbled upon *angel’s chorus * podcasts. I literally listen to podcasts more than music nowadays. I could be cleaning, cooking or getting ready in the morning and learning at the same damn time. How’s that for multitasking?

Best Podcasts for Morning Commute

I mainly listen to self-help podcasts (shocker). I’m all about self-improvement and consuming content that helps me better myself. Podcasts like The Bitch Bible and LadyGang are cool, but I’d rather have those convos with my girlfriends or watch them in YouTube form. Discussing makeup over audio seems pointless to me. In the following, I have my favorite podcasts to listen to during my mornings. I usually start them as soon as I wake up and only turn them off right as I get to my office door.

Hopefully, this post helps you find podcasts to indulge in and see what I see in these amazing orators. If you’re not a podcast fan, maybe you’ll become one after listening to one of these.

The Best Podcasts for Morning Commute

The Skinny Confidential His & Her Podcast

Let’s just take a moment and remember the time Lauryn retweeted me. Yes, it happened and it made my fucking day. If you want to see the most beautiful retweet ever, check out my twitter @jenqle.

No other girl is going to give you more real advice than ma girl Lauryn Evarts. Her no bullshit attitude is extremely refreshing and she authenticity makes her a trusted source of info. Her dynamic with her husband is also super funny. It’s not that sickly sweet, lovey dovey act most couples put up in front of the media. They’ll tease each other endlessly but somehow are still couple goals.

Listen for tips on caffeine sunscreen, pet cannabis and endless advice on blogging while being the best damn version of yourself.

Fave Episode So Far: Episode #67

Don’t get me wrong, I relish every single episode that airs, but in this one I learned a crazy amount about health and the foods I should be eating. Listen to learn about making non-sugary smoothies and much more.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Ok first, if you haven’t seen his standup on Netflix, you need to go do that NOW. He is absolutely hysterical. Message me after you watch it all the way through and then we can die laughing together, especially about the ending.

Second, his podcast is the crème de la crème of podcasts. He brings world renowned experts on subjects on everything ranging from relationships to health to physics. Joe’s a great interviewer and always asks the questions you are thinking. Every podcast ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours. There’s never a rush to end the interview so you feel like you’ve left no stone unturned when listening in on his convos. With 1,003 podcasts and counting, you could just subscribe to his feed and stop there. You’ll have enough podcasts and information for a lifetime.

Fave Episode So Far: Episode #999

In this episode, Joe interviews Tim Bilyeu, the owner of Quest Nutrition. His journey is nothing short of aspirational and a great way to kick start the morning. Listen to learn about perseverance and Bilyeu’s new company, Impact Theory.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!! Yassss! Her podcast hiatus may have left a big gaping black hole that no one could fill, but she’s back! Obviously stemmed from her bestseller #Girlboss, she brings on successful women to talk about their careers and how they are a #Girlboss in the truest sense.

Queen of the misfits, she has some real down-to-mars questions for all her guests. Sophia’s kinda like your best friend who made it big. Super successful, but always acts humble.

Fave Episode So Far: Alli Webb, Founder Drybar

This was the very first podcast I have ever listened to. Thank god it had DryBar in the title or I would have closed the app and went to YouTube. I loved Alli’s journey because it shows how finding a solution to a simple problem can result in building an empire.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

If I could have an episode for every successful CEO out there, I would die happy. I’m pretty sure that’s Guy’s goal, but being the instant gratifier I am, I want them now! This podcast interviews the most successful CEOs in the world and examines what their journey to the top was like.

Listen to learn about how Whole Foods or Airbnb were started, just to name a few. Guy is also a great interviewer and makes the conversations flow seamlessly.

Fave Episode So Far: Spanx: Sara Blakely

Everyone knows what Spanx is, but very few know how the company came to be. Sara’s journey wasn’t an easy one and shows how perseverance can end in a huge reward.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Author of the 4-hour Work Week, Ferriss is the icon of work smart, not hard. His podcast relays information on that exact same idea. He has countless tips and tricks from famous people on how to make it happen. What’s special about his show is that he has so much content, he can pose a question and edit in answers from various people.

His podcast is extremely well executed and entertaining. The length of his episodes fluctuates, but they are either around 30 minutes or 1 hour 30 minutes.

Fave Episode So Far: Episode #253

What’s even better than a YouTube morning routine? A podcast morning routine. Famous actors and CEOs describe theirs. You may think, wow this is boring, all I do when I wake up is brush my teeth and make breakfast. Well, remember that these people became successful because they are different and their morning routines reflect just that.

Lore Logo


My one non-self-help choice! I love a creepy story and used to read Nosleep stories right before bed (masochist, I know). Driving back home from college always left me bored and restless. Also, after you fourth self-help episode, all the advice can be information overload.

For a mindless distraction, I would listen to Lore. Accompanied by spooky music and the soothing voice of Aaron Mahnke, the narrator, you get lost in the world of urban legends that may or may not have happened.

Fave Episode so Far: Episode #51: Within the Walls

This episode is so good!!! It has forbidden love, mysterious rooms and a “The Woman in Black” vibe. Absolutely chilling and stunningly told.

My Favorite Murder

If you’ve read this post before, you did not get to see this valuable addition to the Podcast Posse. Spiraling off of Lore, I found this amazing podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

The concept is simple enough – a show where the hosts research and read their favorite murders to the audience. The beauty of the show and what makes it unique is the hosts’ relationship and chemistry. It’s basically how I and my best friend would react to murders. Morbidly intrigued but super sympathetic for the victims. The show is a wonderful mix of jokes to not make you super depressed about the murders but intensely researched enough so that no detail is left out.

This is definitely my new commute favorite and the only thing that helped me on my 9-hour drive up to Gainesville when I was evacuating Miami.

Podcast Posse

Well babes, hope you enjoyed these podcast suggestions! Maybe we can make a podcast posse to discuss our favorite episodes? Let me know which one is your favorite and I’ll see you next time!

P.S. ICYMI here’s How to Ace an Interview.



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