The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Working Out

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Hi babes!

Hope you’re healthy and thriving. Let’s all just take a moment and admit: sometimes you just don’t want to workout. You’ve established a routine and are eating well, but sometimes after a hectic day, the only thing you want to do is curl into a fetal position and watch Real Housewives.

And you know what? That’s perfectly OK. BUT, if you’re anything like me, every hour of relaxation equals an hour of anxiety.

Real Housewives

After two episodes of Real Housewives and a lot of kicking myself in the butt for being a sloth, I’ll finally tell myself it’s time to move.

The following are some simple workouts for when I don’t want to think about it and know I can stay healthy without trying too hard.

So, put on your fave TV show, podcast or YouTube channel and pick a circuit to do three times. Then do the ab circuit three times. They’ll kick your butt and make you sweat, but hey, who has ever regretted exercising?

Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness expert/coach/trainer so please consult your doctor before attempting. (:

Some Simple Workouts

Here’s a graphic summarizing the workout. Scroll down for some more detailed explanations with links to GIFs showing the moves.

Lazy Girl's Guide to Working Out

Circuit 1

Deep Squats x 15

Toes pointed out, booty below the knees, weight in the heels, rise & repeat.

Downward Dog Knee-to-Chest x 15 ea. side

Downward Dog, straighten out a leg at the same angle as the torso, bring that knee into chest, return foot to the sky, alternate sides, rinse & repeat.

Plank Up Downs x 15

Begin in plank with forearms flat to the ground, raise one side of body to be supported by a straight arm followed by other side, return one side to forearm followed by the other side, rinse & repeat.

Circuit 2

Donkey Kicks x15

Tabletop position with forearms on ground, lift one leg to a 90-degree angle, return leg to floor, raise other leg at a 90-degree angle, rinse & repeat

Knee Pushups (or regular push-ups if you can) x 15

Push-up position, stomach strong and hands below the shoulders, knees to the ground, push up and down.

Lazy-girl Burpees x 15

Jump up, touch floor with hands, extend feet into a plank, NO PUSHUP, return feet to chest, jump, rinse & repeat.

Circuit 3

Hip Bridge x 15

Back on the floor with feet right up to your butt, lift your butt into the air and squeeze, return butt to the floor, rinse & repeat.

Side Plank with Twist x 15 alt. sides

Side plank with strong core and stacked feet, extend arm straight above body, bring hand into hollow between body and floor, return to arm extended straight above body, rinse & repeat.

Jumping Jacks x 50

Do your best Patrick Star impersonation. Rinse & Repeat.


Crunches x 30

You already know.

Leg Lifts x 20

Lay straight on the ground, make sure small of back is flat with the ground, lift legs using core into a 90-degree angle, return to floor, rinse & repeat.

Russian Twists x 20 ea. side

Sit with back lightly leaned back and legs slightly above the ground press together, twist body from side-to-side. One move left to right equals one rep.

Sweaty Yet?

Ok, so you must hate me. It’s not that lazy, but compared to a full workout, it’s something you can do during an episode of your favorite show. You won’t feel like you could’ve done more, but still have the energy for a full-blast workout tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed and catch ya next time!

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