Holiday Gift Guide: The Boyfriend

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

The problem is, being romantic for a guy is hard. You can’t give him flowers, chocolates are like , “OK thanks for the food” and taking him to dinner is cute, but what can you do that’s on the level of a guy giving you a teddy bear and a handwritten note professing his love?

The good thing is, guys are pretty much thankful for whatever you give them, especially when it matches their interests. Granted, the gift guide below is going to be a lot of things my boyfriend would like, but I think this guide will be applicable to lots of men.

So, save the stress for when you bring him over for Christmas dinner and sit back and let him love you for buying him an AWESOME gift for Christmas day.

Holiday Gift Guide for The Boyfriend

Holiday Gifts for Boyfriend

Rick and Morty T-Shirt $28

  • Rick and Morty marathons with the bf are some of the best times. If you haven’t done so you should try it. Nothing’s sexier than a man in a dancing Rick shirt.

Google Home $49

  • For the tech lovers out there, the Google home is revolutionary in its voice recognition software and sound capabilities. Basically, a mini-assistant that packs some serious bass.

Nike Joggers $65

  • No matter what your boyfriend looks like, he will look good in joggers. Don’t even try to argue with me on this. It’s just science.

Gift Set of Jack Black Products $39

  • No frou-frou skincare products over here. If you also cringe every time your man whips out his drugstore face wash, replace his routine with some quality products! Now you both can age gracefully.

Bedrest Pillow $29.88

  • Hear me out. It may seem like the most ordinary gift, but I promise you – he will use it every day of his life. Returning emails in bed are now semi-enjoyable.

French Coffee Press $15.95

  • Get your guy’s heart racing some other way by getting him a French press. Not only does the coffee taste better than when using regular coffeemakers, but it packs a punch when it comes to caffeine dosage.

Stocking Stuffers

Ace of Cards Bottle Opener $8.99

  • Thin enough for his wallet, cool enough to use at parties.

Death Star Ice Mold $6.45

  • Every guy is quite possibly a Star Wars nerd at heart, help him elevate his scotch was a Death Star ice ball colder than his ex’s heart.

Kisses under the Mistletoe

I hope you get some.

P.S. ICYMI here’s my gift guide for the best gal pal.

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