Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Friend

Holiday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

You technically have almost two months to get everyone you know Christmas gifts, but you know as well as I do that the day before the 25th you’re going to be scouring the empty shelves going “oh sh*t”.

So here I am to save the holidays. Think of me as the reverse Grinch. Welcome to the holiday gift guide series! I’m going to be making a series of gift guides that are perfect for everyone in your life and won’t break the bank.

Let’s begin with the best friend because it’s the easiest. You know her as well as you know yourself and buying her a gift will be a cinch. Here’s some awesome ideas that make her laugh her ass off and feel #blessed y’all are biffles.

Holiday Gift Guide for the BFF

Holiday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Initial Necklace $35

  • 2017 is all about branding amirite?

Out of This World Bath Bombs $26.95

  • cause the next time you watch her snap of drawing a bath, you’ll probably see one of your bath bombs in the water!

Peach Hat $18.94

  • don’t even say you’re best friends if you can’t rock matching peach emoji hats.

Rose Gold Watch $34

Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow $25

  • for when you both want to look extra af for new year’s

Funny Mug $15.99

  • mugs may seem ordinary, but every time she makes her coffee, she’ll think of you

Best Bitches Bangles 25.99

  • shoutout to TSC for posting about these bangles, they’re the fucking best

If You’re Trying to Splurge

Wildfox Sweater $166

  • nothing beats a soft Wildfox sweater during the holidays

Bonus: Stocking Stuffer

Metallic Makeup Bag $4.83

  • who doesn’t need an extra makeup bag?

P.S. If you’re into blog series, here’s the first part in my “Jen’s Job Hunt” series.

Disclaimer: The peach hat is an Amazon Affiliates link, but it in no way sways my opinion that it’s a dope-ass hat. 🙂

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