Chill Playlist | June 25th-July 1st

Hi babes,

I have quite the treat for you. Linked here are my current favorite chill beats. I’ve recently gotten into jazzy electronic beats for studying. No words. Just sound. 3005 being a much needed exception.

Basquiat & Bird are the legitimately jazzy ones in the playlist. The other songs accompany it well with the same vibe and tone. I can listen to this over and over in the car or even at the gym. Some days I can’t deal with the trap music I usually listen to at the gym and I play this instead. I used to think that gym music always needed to be head-pounding and am so glad when I realized I could workout just as well with mellow music.

#NoHeadaches #JustGainz

Let me know what you think in the comments down below! I’ll be posting one or two playlists weekly. I listen to mostly EDM, electronic, hip-hop and r&b. Sorry country music lovers, you won’t find any of that here.




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