Holiday Gift Guide: The Boyfriend

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

The problem is, being romantic for a guy is hard. You can’t give him flowers, chocolates are like , “OK thanks for the food” and taking him to dinner is cute, but what can you do that’s on the level of a guy giving you a teddy bear and a handwritten note professing his love?

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Favorite Booties for Fall | Medium Price Point

Fave Booties for Fall

Hi babes,

We made it. We have made it to the holy grail season between brutal winter winds and golden sunsets spent with our loved ones. There are booties, knit sweaters and plenty of pumpkin-spiced things to buy.

But first, I’d like to make a confession. I think pumpkin-spiced tastes like shit.

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Athleisure and Accessories

Hi babe,

So I’m not a sweatpants, hair-tied chilling with no makeup on type of girl. I’m more of an athleisure outfit, low-bun chilling with everyday makeup on kind of girl.

Because I pretty much live in them, I choose to indulge in gym clothes. Class, errands, gym, you’ll catch me in an athleisure outfit.

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Lookin Fly for the 4th of July

Hi babes!

So STOP destroying your room trying to find the perfect outfit. Also, don’t stress about searching the endless web for the perfect 4th of July outfit. I have the perfect outfits for you no matter what occasion. Whether it be showing off to your girlfriends or catching the eye of that one guy, you’ll be more than amazing in one of these outfits. Don’t have the time or resources to get the exact pieces? No worries. I’ve included helpful substitutes below the collages that you can find either in your closet or snag from your girlfriends.

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