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Hi babe,

So I’m not a sweatpants, hair-tied chilling with no makeup on type of girl. I’m more of an athleisure outfit, low-bun chilling with everyday makeup on kind of girl.

Because I pretty much live in them, I choose to indulge in gym clothes. Class, errands, gym, you’ll catch me in an athleisure outfit.


What exactly is athleisure you may ask? It’s workout clothing that you wear to places besides the gym. I am so thankful that this trend has come into fruition these past few years. Comfy fabric, neutral colors and flattering cuts showing off your assets are all that I ask for in clothing.


Athleisure Workout Leggings

Beige Color-block Leggings $95Grey Leggings with Groove Design $46Dot-Print Leggings $98

As we all know, workout clothes can be a tad bit more expensive than your average t-shirt and jeans. My advice is to invest in your bottoms. You can tell the night and day difference between a pair of Lululemon leggings vs. a pair from Forever21. High-waisted ones are the best, you can move in any direction and nothing will pop out. It will also portion off your body to showcase your waist and booty. An investment pair of leggings has better stretch, mobility and durability. It’ll last you a very long time as long as you take care of it.

NEVER PUT YOUR PRECIOUS LEGGINGS IN THE DRYER. Always air dry. And for the love of God please put your Lululemon or other expensive workout pieces in a lingerie bag when tossing them into the washing machine. The friction of other fabrics will deteriorate the fabric and cause snags and pilling.


Athleisure Crop Tops

White Crop Top $16Black Laced Crop Top $21Grey Crop Top $60Beige Crop Top $26.25

Tops? You can buy them from anywhere. I get the majority of mine from  Forever21’s athletic line. Your tops make less contact with other objects than your bottoms so saving on them won’t hurt you in the long-run. Tops are also part of the non-drying category.

Where you get sports bras is up to you. I’m a small-chested gal, so I don’t mind cheap sport bras. If you need more support, you would probably want to invest in them for better stretch and support.


Rose Gold Water-bottle  | Pink Sneakers $80 | Flower Water Bottle $20 | Green Sneakers $196Quartz Headphones $60

To round out your outfit, you need a bomb pair of sneakers. You can get sneakers from anywhere, even H&M has trendy sneakers for cheap that you can buy. If you prefer weight-lifting at the gym, you can invest in a more aesthetically pleasing shoe than a functional one. If you’re a runner, you’d probably want to get a pair of Asics to pad your feet and minimize shock and injury. The pink pair of sneakers above remind me a lot of the Adidas Tubular. These are a cheaper alternative that offer the same level of style. I added the olive green Adidas because I saw a girl in my class wear them and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since (Cady bought army green Adidas so I bought army green Adidas). As for the water bottles, who doesn’t love converting another functional gym must-have into an accessory? Add the quartz headphones to your look for the extra touch of ~sparkle~.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you enjoyed my compilation of neutral colored athleisure clothing. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy every single damn item on Outdoor Voices.

Check it out, let me know what you think and be on the lookout for my next video involving gym makeup.



P.S. ICYMI, here’s my last post about my June Favorites.

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