June Favorites 2017

Hi babe!

We’re are officially more than halfway through 2017! How crazy is it that June just flew by? As always, I’ve been trucking along with my classes and balancing life and work at the same time. GOD BLESS that Law of Mass Comm & Campaigns are over. Two of my hardest classes this semester by  f  a  r.

Along with channeling my inner Australian with a bronzy makeup routine, I also have a few goodies I want to share with you.

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Lookin Fly for the 4th of July

Hi babes!

So STOP destroying your room trying to find the perfect outfit. Also, don’t stress about searching the endless web for the perfect 4th of July outfit. I have the perfect outfits for you no matter what occasion. Whether it be showing off to your girlfriends or catching the eye of that one guy, you’ll be more than amazing in one of these outfits. Don’t have the time or resources to get the exact pieces? No worries. I’ve included helpful substitutes below the collages that you can find either in your closet or snag from your girlfriends.

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