How to Find a Photographer for Your Blog

Find Blog Photographer

Hi girlfriends,

Fellow blog babes who are just starting out, we’re in this together. I started my blog on the cusp of graduating college in a town where I had spent 4 years of my life. Come graduation time, I realized that all of my creative contacts would stay in Gainesville while I would move hundreds of miles away to Miami.

During the first month of living in Miami, I was struggling with everything from finding the right grocery store to blog-related issues like finding a community and decent photographer.

In the following, I’m going to tell you about how I found an awesome photographer for FREE! If you’re trying to ball on a budget like I am, this is the only viable option. Although I needed a cost-conscious photographer, I also looked for photographers that would charge per shoot, so I’ll talk about that too.

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The Best Podcasts for Your Morning Commute

Hi babes!

Having a 9-5 makes the day go by faster than ever. I used to have time to find a nook and settle down with a good book, but those days are gone. Sure, I can read on the weekends, but leaving a story unread for five days then picking it back up just lessens the reading experience.

When I started to blog, I wanted to do as much research as I could on business building and succeeding in my side hustle. From this desire, I stumbled upon *angel’s chorus * podcasts. I literally listen to podcasts more than music nowadays. I could be cleaning, cooking or getting ready in the morning and learning at the same damn time. How’s that for multitasking?

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Jen’s Job Hunt: Part III – Acing the Interview

How to Ace the Interview

Hi babes!

So, after reading your resume about 26 times and nervously holding off on pressing send, you finally do it. You got the interview. Now you’re probably wondering about things like, what do I say? What will I wear? Will they like me? Omg, what if they hate my personality?


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Jen’s Job Hunt: Landing My Dream Job Part II: Searching & Applying

How to Find and Apply to Jobs After College

Hi babes!

After part I, you should be locked and loaded on your cover letter and resume skills. To continue, we now need to search for the perfect job! With the internet, we definitely have it easier than our parents. Although we have the speed of the internet on our side, sifting through the millions of job postings is still difficult. That’s why I’m here to tell you about my tips and tricks about searching and applying for jobs. This is exactly how I found my PR job and hopefully, you’ll find something you love doing as well!

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Jen’s Job Hunt | Landing My Dream Job Part I: Resume & Cover Letter

Hi babes!

Let’s face it, no matter how many job fairs you attend or job opportunity emails you receive from your college dean, finding a job is still a hard task. The panic to get a job didn’t hit me until the 2 months before my graduation. I had applied to jobs before, but the options were slim and no opening motivated me enough to go all in. In July, I was in full panic mode and gave it everything I got to find a job that I was passionate about. Thankfully, it worked out and now I have a job that I could not be more excited to start.

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July Favorites 2017

Hi babes!

Happy July! We are officially done with month 7! I have been so incredibly busy, trying to graduate, get a job and still try new things to report back to you guys. All-in-all, things have been working out. I graduate the 5th and I got my dream job (be on the lookout for a how to ace that interview post soon). I cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

Without further ado, here is my list of July Favorites for 2017.

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Basics to being a Vegetarian

The Lustrous Guide to Vegetarianism

Hi babes,

Today, I am going to be tackling a controversial eating topic. Vegetarianism. Some people can’t fathom living a day without meat while others couldn’t imagine why you would want to kill sentient beings for food. Here’s a guide to vegetarianism from a girl who’s practiced it her whole life.

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Athleisure and Accessories

Hi babe,

So I’m not a sweatpants, hair-tied chilling with no makeup on type of girl. I’m more of an athleisure outfit, low-bun chilling with everyday makeup on kind of girl.

Because I pretty much live in them, I choose to indulge in gym clothes. Class, errands, gym, you’ll catch me in an athleisure outfit.

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June Favorites 2017

Hi babe!

We’re are officially more than halfway through 2017! How crazy is it that June just flew by? As always, I’ve been trucking along with my classes and balancing life and work at the same time. GOD BLESS that Law of Mass Comm & Campaigns are over. Two of my hardest classes this semester by  f  a  r.

Along with channeling my inner Australian with a bronzy makeup routine, I also have a few goodies I want to share with you.

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